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Jonessa Wampler

Name: Jonessa Wampler
Officer Position: Reporter
Duties: Stationed by the flag. As the flag covers the United States of America. So I strive to inform the people so that every man, woman, and child my know that the FFA is a national organization that reaches the states of Maine to Hawaii and from the states of Alaska to the Virgin Islands.
CDE: Parli Pro
Hobbies: Soccer, hanging out with Courtney, listing to music, riding 4-wheelers, getting my nails done
Favorite song: Wrong Side of Heaven by Fiver Finger Death Punch
Contact info: Facebook: Jonessa Wampler
                   Instagram: jonessa_wampler
                   Snapchat: jmwampler30
                   Twitter: wamplerjonessa
                   Pinterest: Jonessa Wampler or wamplerjonessa  


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